Electric bikes – NZ design

If you are visiting this page you may be looking to find out why a 300W electric bike is the best choice for you. By comparing each of the details with other electric bikes you will find that Volto is one of the best e-bikes, especially for the lower price range. The reason is because these bikes are developed right in New Zealand by highly qualified and experienced engineers together with electric bike every day riders. This how Volto e-bikes have gained a good reputation among users.

Volto have always provided the best deal on electric bikes in NZ since 2010!

Trekking Bike $1950

Step-Through $1950

Folding Bike $1950


The best deal in NZ – $2499 NZD

Electric bike TDE03Z

Electric bike TDF03Z

Electric bike TDN08Z

Mountain Electric bikes Cross5

”Every day” electric bike designed for New Zealand

To develop such a good range of electric bikes we started with list of key priorities that we built using feedback from everyday users.

Durable with easy maintenance
Repairable with ability to be serviced locally
Comfortable to use
Power, range and speed according to NZ lifestyle, landscape and legislation

Volto have been supplying electric bikes to NZ since 2010 with great success. With passion derived from exceptional customer feedback and respecting NZ conditions, we have developed reliable electric bikes that all users just love.

This is how we developed all the criteria for our electric bikes

To be able to provide good quality electric bikes for a reasonable price we have chosen to use trustworthy components from major Chinese manufactures and reduce overhead cost as much as possible.

Durability and quality
If you are looking for precise specifications of our electric bikes, please go to the volto-close-up page

Repair and service
For those who want to perform any repairs or services by themselves, we have created an electric bikerepair DIY videowith expert guidance. However, if you need professional servicing you have three options

  1. You can get a service by any local bicycle shop.
  2. The electrical parts can be serviced by any local auto electrician. Instructions and circuit diagrams are provided here!
  3. You can come to us and we will repair or service any part.

The electric bicycle is a simple device but still quite a new concept. As time progresses the number of electric bike users will grow and the number of service spots will also increase.