Are You choosing Electric bicycle in New Zealand?

In this electric bicycle buyers guide You will find useful advice how to choose an electric bikes suitable for NZ This buyer guide will take you through the big questions and suggestions over which electric bicycle buyers come across in New Zealand.

Electric bicycles definitions in NZ

New Zealand law and regulation related to New Zealand electric bicycles users.

  • Factsheet for electric bicycles with motor not exceeding 300 watts.
  • Factsheet for electric bicycles with motor more than is 300 watts

Why I do not like front wheel drive?


More serious accident caused by front wheel drive electric bike ending with an injury read the article here…


Finding which electric bicycle is right…

Since electric bicycles have exploded onto the New Zealand market there have been a variety of different brands and models to consider. While selecting an electric bicycle to suit your needs is relatively easy there are a few potential pitfalls that buyers should be aware of:


Motor power of the electric bicycle
Availability of spare parts in NZ
Battery quality, voltage, capacity
Cost of the replacement battery and parts


The best advice is to take a test drive on different electric bicycles at one of our retailers before you make a decision.

Electric bicycle Power – 250W or 300W?

With the same effort on 300W bike you will always travel much faster than on 250W

Throughout most countries including all of Europe regulations limited the maximum power output of electric bicycles to 250 Watts. In New Zealand regulations allow for a higher powered output of 300 Watts. This is great for New Zealand as many of our cities contain steep hills where a higher powered motor will allow you to get around quicker and more efficiently. In New Zealand the legal speed limit for power assisted bicycles is also higher at 32 km/h than the 25 km/h limit in Europe or China 20km/h.

Spare Parts for electric bicycles in NZ

Batteries and other spare parts for electric bicycles are generally not interchangeable between different brand bicycles. That is why it is imperative that when selecting an electric bicycle that you select a reputable supplier that and can guarantee replacement parts will be available when required. Some early buyers of electric bicycles have been disappointed to discover replacement batteries or parts where no longer available for obsolete models of electric bicycle they had purchased.

Electric bicycle and safety

To fully take advantage of this and for the extra safety of being able to merge better with traffic flow it is best to choose an electric bicycle in New Zealand with a 300 Watt power rating.

Many local importers however are supplying the lower rated 250 Watt bicycles that were designed for the European market. To avoid disappointment is is best to try out the difference of a fully powered 300 Watt bicycle before you make an investment.

You are more safe when riding an electric bikes nz if you can keep up with the flow of city traffic rather than being slower and constantly overtaken.