No 1 Electric bikes in NZ since 2010

  • Volto mountain bike

    Cross5 / 300W – 35 km/h – 20Kg; 24 gears – 27,5″

  • volto-TDN08Z-White

    Volto TDN08Z / 300W – folding bike 20″ wheels

  • volto-TDF03Z-White

    Cross5 – electric mountain bike 300W – 20kg – 27,5″

  • electric bicycles nz

    Volto TDE03Z- 300W – 35km/h – Direct drive motor

  • electric bike nz

    Cross5 – top quality electric mountain bike

  • electric-bike-volto-tdf03z1

    Volto TDF03Z Silver / 300W Direct drive motor

Electric Bikes made by Volto

are specifically designed for New Zealand conditions and transport regulations. Ourelectric bikes nz are designed in New Zealand and manufactured in China to NZ E-Bikes Ltd’s quality standards. Volto electric Bikes are easy and fun to ride.

High quality electric bikes

made by Volto are durable making them ideal for everyday use. These electric bicycles are easy to operate and ride just like a regular bicycle. Volto’s simple yet rugged design also makes maintenance hassle free.